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'Avatar' rules box office for third straight weekend 'Avatar' rules box office for third straight weekend Graph:Which films chose to make this weekend's top 10? The director's sci fi opus avatar in top for Pandora Charms Australia the third straight weekend, bringing in $68.3 million, In studio estimates from Nielsen EDI. The Cheap Pandora Beads Australia $300 million film written by 20th century fox has crossed the $1 billion mark, money making $352.1 million locally and $670.2 million on holiday. Right now now is how high avatar flies.The image dropped a minuscule 9% from last weekend and still won the Pandora Necklaces box office derby by $30 million. The movie is tracking much like cameron's last film, rms titanic ship, that has been no.1 for 16 straight weeks and became outrageous grossing film of all time, Locally, From $600 million. And though few people expect cameron's new film to eclipse his old movie schedules are generally too full now to see a movie at no.1 for ov ... Read more »
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