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Pandora Charms Australia the third
'Avatar' rules box office for third straight weekend 'Avatar' rules box office for third straight weekend Graph:Which films chose to make this weekend's top 10? The director's sci fi opus avatar in top for Pandora Charms Australia the third straight weekend, bringing in $68.3 million, In studio estimates from Nielsen EDI. The Cheap Pandora Beads Australia $300 million film written by 20th century fox has crossed the $1 billion mark, money making $352.1 million locally and $670.2 million on holiday. Right now now is how high avatar flies.The image dropped a minuscule 9% from last weekend and still won the Pandora Necklaces box office derby by $30 million. The movie is tracking much like cameron's last film, rms titanic ship, that has been no.1 for 16 straight weeks and became outrageous grossing film of all time, Locally, From $600 million. And though few people expect cameron's new film to eclipse his old movie schedules are generally too full now to see a movie at no.1 for over a month already is marching its way into the record books.It forced christmas weekend to its highest grosses on record, and last week the film took over as the third fastest film to hit $300 million, behind only children of men and transformers:Reprisal of the fallen. Most films enjoyed only minor drop offs from last weekend as the holiday kept people in theaters. Robert downey junior.'s a virtual detective fell a respectable 38% to do $38.4 million in addition to the $140.7 million complete. Alvin additionally the chipmunks:The squeakquel fared improved, plunging just 25% for third place and $36.6 million. The meryl streep comedy it's problematic Cheap Pandora Australia was fourth with $18.7 million, And Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side, Which coppied with $12.7 million. As a result of avatar and holmes' strong holds, ticket sales were up 70% over the same weekend yr after. Final patterns are due monday. Hints:You share for the majority of today community, so please learn how to comments smart and civil.Don't attack other readers myself, and keep a foreign language decent.Operate the"Submit abuse"Button compare unique car features.Find out more. Related Articles: Linked Articles https://craigb.zendesk.com/entries/69393289-North-Face-Cheap-UK-receptacle http://tuyburn.moy.su/blog/cheap_ralph_lauren_fundamental/2014-12-05-2 http://hostthegame.com/forums/discussion/18261/ralph-lauren-stripe-polo-transfers https://globaliptv.zendesk.com/entries/69389739--Ralph-Lauren-Outlet-more http://sneakerzcafe.com/profiles/blogs/ralph-lauren-sweaters-same-sex-couple
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