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Hawkins denies in police interrogation video to stopping man in cape breton Herbert hawkins rebuked a theory by police researchers that he was the last person to see sheldon(Shelly)Boutilier alive many years ago, a tough trial was told monday.The in your mind disabled man had been strangled and had his throat slit. "If my car hasn't been in the yard, i would not be a suspect right now, hawkins over and over told both const.Delton macdonald and team sgt.Walter rutherford of cape breton local police. The 12 member jury viewed a slidemovie of hawkins's interrogation on july 11, 2006, by the two regional cops.They also saw a video of hawkins being questioned by vancouver police soon after. Regional police had to release hawkins after preliminary round of questioning because a blood spatter expert had yet to collect evidence connecting him to North Face UK:http://www.rcorner.co.uk/ the murder. Nevertheless, the police kept hawkins under monitoring until he boarded a plane destined for ... Read more »
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