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Je suis everybody

Don be fooled by the date from this photo.The on my hipstamatic app puts the date 30 years previous the photo is actually taken.Faux trendy, don you are sure of!

It was a stunning weekend in seoul, with a climbing film festival in saturday many different exciting films featuring crazy people, and then a good couple of hours climbing today.I went to the top of a wall, and tried climbing which is really climbing that is based around using your feet, not hands and wrists, and trustworthy your shoes.In the north face gym a minutes walk from your suyu subway station in seoul, the have a slanting granite wall which forces you to rely on the shoes in order to wearing, and to put all excess fat on your feet.Without so weight, your shoes will likely slip and you should plant your face against that nasty wall!It was challenging and difficult but great practice.Here a picture of my friend sarah having a go out.

Two guys and!Decided to ma ... Read more »

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