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Heads 'running North days' on lifekraze with Chattanooga, tenn, april.17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ LifeKraze, The social networking platform and iPhone application that rewards and encourages members' personal triumphs, Published actor Sean Astin(Lord coming from the rings)Will be leading their seasonal celebration of running.Astin, a great distance runner for the last 25 years, will be using the platform to share his return to the sport after a recent injury and it'll be sharing his run3rd campaign with the lifekraze community.Since the roll-Out of run3rd, the hashtag has received world-Wide use and has harnessed over 50, 000 supporters. North Face Jacket Sale "I run 1st personally, i run 2nd for our grandkids, i run 3rd in order to others, suggested astin. "I'm excited to share my passion for running with the lifekraze nearby as i gear up to start training again.The network is encouraging me to move from injury and its attendant lethargy to optimal performance, Can be of the running days initiative also brings other running legends to the lifekraze North Face Jackets Sale community, which include mark covert, who holds the american record for longest successive streak of daily running:Over 44 a few years over 150, 000 long distances run.Hidden, now a school track coach, will be sharing the extension of the streak with daily posts on the lifekraze site. Lifekraze members will have a variety of ways to celebrate running in those times, through engaging employing the celebration's co sponsors.Rock my run is a new service to deliver dj created mixes, made for use by runners.Their mixes will be available to be redeemed for lifekraze points in the celebration.Other co sponsors have the color run the rock 'n' roll marathon series and the salomon rock/creek trail series, which have races in cities all around the us.Lifekraze members nationwide will be encouraged to participate in these events and share their experiences on the platform.Content sponsors is likewise providing running tips and articles to guide lifekraze members. Lifekraze members can also participate online by helping to raise awareness for causes with running along with hashtag created by astin, run3rd.Members can use the tag on twitter along with lifekraze, to share whom they http://www.rcorner.co.uk/ are running for and how they are making progress to bring more physical action within lives.Running days will last over the end of 2012 and is meant to encourage lifekraze members to"Get a running start into the new year, simplified lifekraze ceo ben wagner. "As the next wind storm gets colder, people need extra inspiration and motivation to get a run in.With aid from sean and our co sponsors, our members can develop momentum to prepare for the hectic pace and heavy meals of the holidays, About lifekraze is a new online platform that provides a positive community and rewards for people who want to lead active, healthy and meeting lives.Founded by college soccer players in the expanding tech hub of chattanooga, tn, lifekraze provides a team for everyday activities, encouraging social friendships that lead to lasting changes.People share success, big or small, through 160 figure posts, to that they can attach photos and other links.Every single single day, each member has 300 kraze points to award to other members for their triumphs.The points people earn can be cashed in for discounts and merchandise from nationally recognized brands, or become charitable donations.With a growing roster of partners because north face, men's health article, and furthermore donorschoose, lifekraze is social media with a voyage:To the complete system vertically way people interact online, to affect the way people live offline. Related Articles: Linked Articles https://leadsmob.zendesk.com/entries/83572038--North-Face-Outlet-Sale-UK-PM-last-month- http://www.artbracket.com/profiles/blogs/ralph-lauren-men-t-shirts-comprises http://www.blog-construction.com/tuyburn/170720--Ralph-Lauren-Down-Jackets-price-.aspx http://www.science-pundits.com/Vanilla/discussion/26788/ralph-lauren-polo-sale-shipping-charges https://koovs.zendesk.com/entries/69383449-Ralph-Lauren-Sweatshirts-subject-
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